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Tim MetCalfe:

Tim Metcalfe

Tim started racing Lagonda Rapiers in 1990 at Silverstone driving his dad Tony's car BGK 795. Tim has sinced raced many cars successfully including a number of Rapiers, MG N Type, Riley Brooklands, Riley 1500cc, MGB, Formula First, various Formula Ford 1600s and 2000s, Formula Renault and a BMW M3. In Tims second season he tried his luck at modern single seater racing in the afore mentioned Formula First, it was clear from the start that his smooth and precise driving style was going to make him a popular driver with a winning way, that year 1991 the championship was won by Oliver Gavin who later went on to be a very successful driver striving to get in to Formula One.

When asked about his most proud achievemnt in a a Lagonda Rapier Tim said " My greatest achievement is having competed with or driven on race circuits in more Lagonda Rapier’s than probably anyone else (11 at the last count)... LagondaRapier.co.uk wishes Tim all the best in the coming season and good luck in the "Lagonda Rapier Drivers Championship" this year.

During this coming season Tim will be Racing the Eccles Rapier Special, Lagonda Rapier BGK 795, MG N Type, MGB, Van Diemen RF82 FF2000 plus anything anyone will let him have a go in!

Many thanks to Mark Ballard for supplying the photographs.