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This section is designed to look at the people who have owned a Lagonda Rapier either at present or in the past who have experienced this superb motor car. This includes those who have toured, raced driven on a daily basis, or simply had the pleasure of borrowing a car for a day. Send us your experiences and achievements and we will publish them for you. We will do features on the drivers we meet throughout the year starting in April with Tim Metcalfe whose wonderful original Eccles rapier is also featured in the "Cars" section of this web site.

Len Thompson



Ben Fidler

Tim MetCalfe

Tim Metcalfe

Leon Thompson

Leon Thompson

Why was the word Lagonda changed? Answers to Leon

David Fletcher-jones

Julian Grimwade

Julian Grimwade

Tony Metcalfe
Jane Metcalfe
Peter Fletcher-Jones
Brian Fiddler
James Crocker
Paul Nichols
Margide Nichols
Dr Ryzard Kobaleki
Peter Whitman
Mike Pilgrim Ted Geermans Jonathon Elliot Tony Wood John Batt
Paul Emery  Mrs J N Pearcey in 1936 Douglass Murray in May 1977 Michael Prosser Ross Stewart
Roy Eccles Lindsay Eccles Mrs J. Williams Colin Bugler Peter Whenman
Brenda Thompson Mile Pilgrim Aubrey Brocklebank Ostmann Kozka
Anthony Garner Charles Brackenbury Freddie de Clifford Lord de Clifford David St Julian
Paul Morgan Michael Prosser  Tom Berry Daniel Richmond Shigeyuki Horikawa
Koichi Kumaido John Waterson R. Davies Millar Ian Metcalfe    Piers Leigh
Elliot Elder Freddie Williams Tom Williams John Abson





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