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The JD 7636 - 1934

JD 7636 is currently owned by William Partridge, whose son Tom has kindly supplied the detail of this article. Unfortunately William is in the process of selling his car. The car is currently in New Zealand and is for sale for $50,000 ono. If you are interested in this car, please contact info@lagondarapier.co.uk for details on contacting Tom. Hopefully we will be able to interview William at home in New Zealand via telephone within the next week or so to try and uncover more of the cars history.



Dad re-built the car after university, before migrating to New Zealand. He originally used JD 7636 as his transport for his business as a livestock agent driving accross the UK. When dad emigrated to New Zealand, he wanted to bring JD 7636 with him and imported it over here and used it to tour New Zealand, as well as entering the car in some of the loca rallies. It is a beautiful car and a joy to drive. Below I have given some detail such as the serial numbers etc from the car from the 1977 Rapier register.

.Engine number is D2382 out of the Lagonda with registration SN6300. The original engine was D2413 which is now in DTN536.
.Chassis number is D10664; the original engine was D2413 which is now in DTN536
. Gearbox is from SN6300









JD7636 has an Abbot body, fitted with a slightly modified 1100cc Twin overhead cam engine with H shaped fabricated conrods and is fitted with a B.T.H. GA4 magneto ignition, manual advance/retard and E.N.V. pre-selector gearbox.

The car was very thoroughly rebuilt 30,000 miles ago. Goes very well -100kph at 3600 rpm. Red line 5000rpm 15.8mph per 1000 rpm.

The Bodywork has some stone chips on wing and chaffing on doors. The leather upholstery is in good condition and the front carpet needs renewing. Hood, tonneau and side curtains are all in good condition too.



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