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The BLP 75 - 1935

Alan Racing BTN356 at a hill climb
BLP 75 has resurfaced with its new owner Duncan Andrews, who has kindly allowed us to share with you the cars projected future.

BLT 75 has had a number of owners over the years. The car is now owned by long-time Rapier enthusiast Duncan Andrews of Droitwich in Worcestershire.  Duncan recently purchased BLP 75 after receiving a call from a friend who initially spotted the car for sale. Duncan immediately fell in love with BLP 75’s lines, recognising the keith Roache design was based upon a combination of Mercedes W125 and a Maserati 6CM. Duncan new well of the Lagonda Rapier as his Grand Father David Drew, who belonged to the Harrow Car Club, and had raced a rapier some decades earlier, along with a number of other cars such as HRG’s. Duncan purchased the car from Ed Marriot, who himself purchased the car from Julien Mazubes father  in 1982.

Duncan has the original 1100cc engine in the car at the moment, with supercharger breathing through twin SU carburettors. When the car was purchased it came with a 1500cc block, designed by Len Thompson, with technical advice from Paul Nickalls, which Duncan intends to put in the car. Duncan is a well established engineer and works in his company “Westwood Cylinder Liners” which is based in Stourport on Severn in Worcestershire. These engineering skills should allow him to build the 1500cc engine with great accuracy and flair.

Alan's Son in 1979







The 1500cc engine will have omega pistons, and a racing crank and rods, to ensure the engine revs well and has good levels of reliability. The gearbox should be in good condition as it was recently overhauled by Bill Morris who used to race and develop parts for the ERA he raced.

The plan is to have the car finished within the next 6 to 8 months and hopefully competing in VSCC events next year. One of Duncan's ambitions with the car is to see it race up the Shelsley Walsh hill-climb in a respectable time. The car at present isn’t in running order, as it needs pedals, wiring and the 1500cc engine. In the future Duncan intends to develop the car and possibly moving it from petrol to runt on methanol, which all together sounds a very potent force.

Duncan has kindly supplied two photographs of the car, but anyone wanting to see the car in the flesh, so to speak, can see the car at this years Race Retro show at Stoneleigh held on the 14th - 16th March, where he would be interested in meeting other Rapier enthusiasts.


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